Saurian Quetzals are big flying enemies in the underground stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Gargantuan flying serpent-like creature that hatches the smaller Razorwings.

Saurian Quetzals fly very fast and drop an egg every 1.5 seconds which immediately hatch into Saurian Razorwing. These Saurian Razorwings can stack up quickly and potentially overwhelm your defenses. They do not give any gold.


The Quetzal is not very dangerous on its own, thanks to the low health and slow speed of Razorwings. Any of the following methods would guarantee safe control of those creatures:

  • Barrage from the Crossbow Fort : This skill kills both the Quetzal and its offsprings in a single burst. Usually, you need only one Crossbow Fort in a strategic position, and level 1 Barrage used in conjunction with Archmages is enough to handle Quetzals.
  • Critical Mass from the Archmage Tower : This skill deal high area-of-effect damage, so is very good in taking down both the Quetzal and Razorwings. If used in conjunction with Barrage of Crossbow Forts, the damage dealt is usually enough to kill a Quetzal before it dashes out of range.



  • The name and appearance is a possible reference to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.