Saurian Nightscales are Saurians wearing high-tech suits that presumably allow them to turn invisible, encountered in the underground stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Cunning warriors that can become invisible to get past defenses.

After taking half their health or more in damage, Saurian Nightscales will temporarily turn themselves invisible for 8 seconds: you can still see them very faintly, but the towers and soldiers won't at all, and thus won't target or block them. They are forced to reveal themselves near the exit.


The Nightscales pose a significant threat to your defense. Take notes of the following tactics, and organize your towers well to face these enemies.

  • The most effective method of all consist of setting up one or two Crossbow Forts or Tribal Axethrowers spaced from each other: The first tower halves the health of Nightscales, while the second one finishes them off. If you intend to use Crossbow Forts, purchase Barrage early - level 1 should be enough for small groups of less than 5 Nightscales. Optionally, you can buy Falconer to increase the Crossbow Forts' range, and place the towers near curves to catch Nightscales as they go out of cloaking. On the side of Tribal Axethrowers, their Totem of Spirits are capable of disabling the Nightscales' invisibility as long as they are within range. Combine this with Barracks, preferably Assassins upgraded with Dodge, to keep the Nightscales in the effect zone.
  • You can use the DWAARP to deal with Nightscales. This is a rather expensive option, but very good against a flood of these enemies. This tower tends to deal collateral damage to cloaking Nightscales while attacking other enemies, and Furnace Blast would halve the health of whole Nightscale groups.
  • The Necromancer can support other towers against Nightscales. His skeletons, while weak, can slow Nightscales down considerably, and in a fashion similar to Furnace Blast, Pestilence can harm invisible Nightscales while targeting other enemies - note that Pestilence is cheaper but affects a smaller area. The Archmage Tower can also handle Nightscales, despite their magic resistance, thanks to the high damage of the bolts. Critical Mass helps to deal more damage, and Twister can set back Nightscales. If you intend on using mages, you should put your Archmages at the back row to catch leaking Nightscales, and your Necromancers and their Death Riders next to the main kill zone.

Kutsao's Leopard Style ability can hit invisible Nightscales. It is unknown if this is a bug.


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