Saurian Deathcoils are Saurian snipers armed with deadly long-ranged crossbows.


Trained to develop perfect accuracy, these elite Saurians wield deadly advanced crossbows.

Saurian Deathcoils can dish out a lot of damage (100 True Damage per shot!) and fire very slowly but have an extraordinary range: nearly half of the map! This range allows them to sniff out soldiers, all while staying away from the range of other towers. They can be an extreme nuisance because they can clear soldiers extremely quickly for other enemies to pass through, though as a result, they progress extremely slowly towards the exit.


  • High-level artillery towers will do the trick of killing if placed at an area where they get grouped to snipe soldiers.
  • Keep heroes far away from the entrances: a Deathcoil volley can easily kill most heroes, especially frail ones like Nivus or Bruxa.
  • Concentrate soldiers at the very back of your defenses, forcing Deathcoils to close in and enter the range of towers.
  • Assassins cannot be targeted by Deathcoils unless in combat, as they are invisible when idle.
  • It is almost impossible for a Deathcoil to reach the exit, as the respawn rate of the Dwarf Hall means that there will always be a soldier on screen for the Deathcoil to target. The only way for one to foreseeably get to the exit would be if there were no other towers targeting it.


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