Saurian Darters are Saurians wearing vests that allow them to teleport a short distance.


A rare breed of Saurian that can teleport by unknown methods.

Ground-based equivalents of the Rocket Riders from the original Kingdom Rush, Saurian Darters can potentially be the most irritating and potentially dangerous enemies. Health-wise, they are relatively easy to take down, but their teleport ability allows them to bypass soldiers and towers and cross unscathed to the exit. Plan strategically, and use your reinforcements wisely!


  • Saurian Darters are unable to teleport close to the exit. Make sure you have soldiers placed over the exit paths to ensure none slip through.
  • Like Rocket Rider on the original game, it is wise to attack it immediately once they enter the stage. They can teleport more than once unlike Rocket Riders so after they teleport once(they receive only half a damage when they teleport and they always teleport after they are hit once, no matter how high the damage is), it is critical to put a single, concentrated, and heavily damaging attack output to prevent them from escaping.
  • Battle-Mecha T200 with Wasp Missile upgrade is helpful because they have unlimited range. Additionally, it can also be stunned when upgraded with Shock and Awe, preventing them from teleporting.
  • A very effective strategy to deal with them is to pay attention to their teleporting distance and bear it in mind; when you see an incoming wave of darters, place reinforcements the same distance from your main choke point. As they always teleport after they are hit once no matter how high the damage is, your reinforcements will trigger all darters to teleport right into the fray that is your main choke point.
  • While they may not count as spellcasters in mobile, they do in steam.


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