Saurian Broodguards are the most frequently encountered saurian warriors in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Fearless lizard-like warriors, their wounds fuel their combat rage, making them faster.

Saurian Broodguards initially walk fairly slowly compared to enemies in the previous stages. However, the more damage they receive, the faster they run; a Broodguard at death's door can move at an incredible speed and easily zip past your defenses.


There are many effective strategies to counter Saurian Broodguards. As they are not especially durable nor powerful, they do not pose much threat even in large groups, as long as you have a sufficient number of soldiers to keep them busy, as their speed increase when they get hurt.

  • Alric by himself can slay small numbers of Saurian Broodguards. Place him near Necromancers to make use of the dead bodies, and provide support with Barracks and towers in later waves.



  • Saurian means belonging or pertaining to the Sauria, a group of reptiles including lizards and crocodile, thus the look.

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