Saurian Blazefangs are Saurians armed with high-tech energy guns that appear in the underground stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


These huge reptiles fire devastating shots from their otherworldly weapons.

Obviously, Saurian Blazefangs can shoot with their guns (fire rate: 2.0s), forcing you to do some annoying micromanagement with moving rally points, or your troops will sit there and happily take the bullets. As befitting their technology, these guns deal high damage and have a chance to instantly vaporize the unfortunate victim, allowing Saurian Blazefangs to quickly clear out your soldiers and allow other enemies to skim through. When a Saurian Blazefang dies, its gun explodes, dealing damage to all nearby soldiers (enemies and allies alike).


  • Saurian Blazefangs cannot instantly kill heroes, but can still inflict massive damage with their guns, which bypass physical armor.
  • Saurian Blazefangs can't use instant kill in a melee attack.
  • Saurian Blazefangs take only 20% from magic attacks.
  • Reinforcements, especially sworn blades, can keep Blazefangs busy for surprisingly long in melee. Assassins Are just as useful, but watch out for the death explosion.