Stayr Cutthroats are evil satyrs (half man, half goat) that live in the Faery Forest in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Nimble and vicious creatures that prey upon unwary travelers.

The Satyr Cutthroats are very fast and have a fairly powerful ranged attack, but have no armor whatsoever, which should be exploited to the fullest.


  • Anything can kill these Cutthroats, even Ranger Barracks and Moon Sentinel Reinforcements have an edge over these creatures. The best Cutthroats can hope for is to quickly skim through your defense, trying to take as little damage as possible.
  • Beware of gemstone paths, they can lead Cutthroats deep into your defense, sometimes even to your very doorstep. Take note of where these paths lead to, and build one or two Warden Barracks with an advanced tower to support them.