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IMG 1953
HP 18000
Damage 300-500
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Slow
Lives Taken 20
Bounty N/A
Sprites Sar.gif
Sarelgaz is the boss of the elite stage Sarelgaz's Lair in Kingdom Rush.


One of the legendary spider queens, Sarelgaz rules the Northern lands.

Sarelgaz is the classic damage-sponge boss. She does not have any special ability, not even an area attack - the only thing she can do is eat soldiers. She's just got an astronomically high HP (18000) and a huge horde of minions.


  • One or two well-placed Tesla x104 will completely wreak 66% of Sarelgaz's army (which consists of Spider Matriarchs), allowing other towers to concentrate on the remaining 33% worth of Sons of Sarelgaz as well as Sarelgaz herself.
  • Do not send melee heroes against Sarelgaz - they'll instantly be eaten. Instead, use them to destroy her army.


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