Our armies have amassed under your command,as we pursue Lord Malagar across the Azsare desert!
We have followed his trail to the Sape Oasis, one of the few green spots in this wasteland.As such, the nomad tribes do not take kindly to trespassers, so don't provoke the desert's fiercest denizens, the Duskar!

Sape Oasis is the third level of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.The player starts with 520 Gold. The stage has two entry points in north and east and only one exit in west. Level 3 towers are unlocked at this stage.


Wave Composition


Wave Enemies (North) Enemies (East) Income
1 Desert Thug x10 Desert Thug x10 100
2 Sand Hound x20 100
3 Dune Raider x4
Desert Thug x12
Sand Hound x20 224
4 War Hound x8
Sand Hound x24
5 Dune Raider x4
Desert Thug x15
War Hound x12 259
6 Immortal x3
Desert Thug x31
Dune Raider x4
7 Immortal x6
Desert Thug x5
Dune Raider x8
Desert Thug x10
8 Immortal x6
Desert Thug x20
War Hound x10
Dune Raider x5
9 Dune Raider x16 Sand Hound x38 636
10 Immortal x7
Dune Raider x10
War Hound x15
Sand Hound x30

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies (North) Enemies (East) Income
1 Desert Thug x18
Dune Raider x2
2 Sand Hound x28
Immortal x1
Desert Thug x3
3 Desert Thug x30
Dune Raider x3
Immortal x2
Desert Thug x10
4 War Hound x4
Sand Hound x6
War Hound x4
Sand Hound x6
5 Desert Thug x40
Sand Hound x18
Sand Hound x18
Desert Thug x40
6 Sand Hound x34
Dune Raider x5
War Hound x4
Sand Hound x25
Immortal x3
War Hound x5

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies (North) Enemies (East) Income
1 Sand Hound x125
War Hound x3
Desert Thug x64
Dune Raider x4
Immortal x2


New Tower Upgrades!

Tower level 3 available
You can now upgrade your Towers up to level 3.

Archer Tower
TowSqr KRF SharpShooter

Militia Barracks
TowSqr KRF Knights

Mages Guild
TowSqr KRF Wizard

TowSqr KRF Howitzer

New Enemy
Wave 4
War Hounds
EnemySqr Warhound Cunning, fast beasts that can dodge melee attacks and resist magic attacks.

  • Very fast
  • Can dodge melee attacks
  • Magic resistance
Magic Resistant Enemies

KRF MagicRes
Some enemies enjoy different levels of magic resistance that protects them against magical attacks.
Magic resistant enemies take less damage from Wizards

New Enemy
Wave 6
EnemySqr Immortal Relentless elite warriors with a reputation for invincibility.

  • Armored
  • High damage
  • Return as Fallen

Related Achievements

Froggy ONE FROGGY EVENING Find the singing frog.

In the oasis in the top right corner, a frog will occasionally jump out from behind a tree. If you're quick enough to click on him he'l grab a top hat and cane and start to dance. The achievement and frog that appear are based on a Merry Melodies cartoon.

Banta ORGANIC IMPULSE Make a Desert Bantah move.

Two Desert Bantahs are minding their own business. Like most critters in Kingdom Rush, they can be clicked on. Click on one a few times to make it move.