In the midst of all the confusion, Lord Malagar stole the powerful Hammer of Ages from Hammerhold!
Our outposts east of the fortress report he's fled in that direction, and they are facing him as we speak, delaying his escape. We must hurry, General, and go to their aid!

Sandhawk Hamlet is the second level in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Level 2 towers are unlocked in this level.


Wave Composition


Wave Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1 Desert Thug x20 100 G.
2 Desert Thug x30 150 G.
3 Desert Thug x8
Dune Raider x8
Desert Thug x15 243 G.
4 Sand Hound x38 190 G.
5 Desert Thug x9
Dune Raider x4
Sand Hound x20 209 G.
6 Desert Thug x13
Dune Raider x5
Desert Thug x13
Dune Raider x5
7 Sand Hound x30 Sand Hound x30 300
8 Sand Hound x40 Desert Thug x10
Dune Raider x10

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1 Sand Hound x12 Sand Hound x12 120
2 Desert Thug x14 Sand Hound x12 130
3 Desert Thug x24 Dune Raider x9 264
4 Desert Thug x40 Desert Thug x30 350
5 Sand Hound x40 Sand Hound x40 400
6 Dune Raider x15 Dune Raider x15 480

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1 Dune Raider x26
Desert Thug x12
Sand Hound x70
Desert Thug x24


  • New Tower Upgrades!
Tower level 2 available

You can now upgrade your towers up to level 2.

TowSqr KRF Marksmen | TowSqr KRF Footmen | TowSqr KRF Adept | TowSqr KRF Artillery

  • Hint
Strategy Basics!

Barracks are good for blocking the enemy,
but lack in attack power. Make sure you have
enough firepower to support them!

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr Sandhound

Sand Hound

Very fast vicious creatures
that can dodge melee attacks.

– Very fast
– Can dodge melee attacks
Use soldiers to block them
so they don't overwhelm you.

  • Hint
Command Your Troops!

You can adjust your Soldiers' rally,
point to make them defend a
different area


  • At the bottom of the map is a metal ring from the film Stargate . In the film it features instant wormhole travel to a desert planet on the other side of the galaxy. If you click on it, it unfortunately shorts out before it cycles around. A fully functioning version appears in the Ruins of Nas'De endless campaign and acts as an entrance for enemies.
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