Sand Wraiths are powerful desert ghost wizards who possess a ranged attack, can summon Fallen and heal other enemies.


Often in command of dark armies, they leave a path of death and decay in their wake.

Sand Wraiths are very similar to Necromancers from the original Kingdom Rush: rare but very durable enemies. Not only do they have a solid amount of hit points and a ranged attack that can eliminate soldiers and reinforcements, but they have the ability to spawn a swarm of meat shields. Unlike the Necromancers, however, Sand Wraiths do not raise undead next to them, but from a sarcophagus that they summon a distance in front of them, which allows these Fallen to bypass part of your defenses. The sarcophagus cannot be destroyed, but only crumbles after summoning a certain amount of Fallen.

Sand Wraiths also possess the ability to heal other enemies, but this is more of a side gimmick than an actual threat, as the healing is rather inefficient.


  • Place Reinforcements next to them: that should prevent them from summoning Fallen.
  • Use a strong melee hero, like Alric to block and kill the Sand Wraiths and prevent them from summoning any Fallen. This is also an excellent way to earn the Mummy At the Gates achievement.

Related Achievements

9 MUMMY AT THE GATES Kill a Sand Wraith before it summons any Fallen.


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