Rurin Longbeard is a secondary melee hero in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, available in The Dark Descent (level 14).


  • Hammer Smash: Rurin strikes the ground with his hammer with such strength that he deals damage to enemies around him.

Tips and Tricks

Due to the double, parallel paths featured in The Dark Descent, and the long time required to move any hero without instant teleportation in between paths, it is advised to let Rurin guards the lower route while your hero defends the upper.

Rurin Longbeard is a hero specialized in Tanking. He has modest damage output, but a lot of armor and health, able to take on most enemies that come in his way, save for the Saurian Brutes and Saurian Myrmidons. While he can survive well on his own, it is wise to back him up with some high-damage towers and Barracks, since Rurin's low base damage won't allow him to kill anything quickly. Retreat him as you see a Saurian Brute, or a group of Saurian Blazefangs coming at him, since he will most likely die against these enemies and pose a problem with his long respawn time. Other than those, he can tank fairly well, even versus the powerful Saurian Savants, and weaken multiple enemies with Hammer Smash. Use him tactically to ease down the pressure on your choke point.


  • Dungeon's deep and cavern's old.
  • Longbeards still fight!
  • Send them to me!
  • (upon death) Not the beard!


  • He appears to be the leader of the Mining dwarfs.
  • Rurin Longbeard is most likely named after Durin, the name of the founder of the Longbeards dwarven clan in wikipedia:Tolkien's legendarium.
  • "Dungeon's deep and cavern's old." - A line from the song 'Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold' sung by the party of Dwarves in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.
  • "Send them to me" - A line spoken by the dwarf character Gimli in The Two Towers (again written by Tolkien), where he encourages his comrades to send enemies in his direction for a beating.
  • "Not the beard!" - Another line from Gimli in The Fellowship of the Ring, as he expresses his distress when a character grabs on to his beard to stop him from falling to his death.


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