"Summon your troops, General! The forces of darkness are relentless in their attacks against our beloved kingdom, and we must take action. Reports indicate that the area known as the Rotten Forest is indeed rotten; as a portal to the netherworld has opened in the midst of the woods.
The dead find no rest in this forest, and vegetation turns against any who wander into it. You must lead your forces into the Rotten Forest and get to the root of the problem!"

Rotten Forest is the fifteenth stage in Kingdom Rush. It requires the Premium Content in the Flash version. It was originally introduced as a stand-alone level, but since the release of Fungal Forest it is now part of a mini-campaign.


Wave Composition


Wave Enemies
1 Husk x10 100
2 Giant Spiders x25 150
3 Husk x13 Giant Spiders x20 250
4 Gargoyle x8 Gargoyle x8 192
5 Demon Spawn x18 360
6 Husk x20 Giant Spiders x10
Spider Matriarch x4
Noxious Creeper x2
7 Husk x30 Noxious Creeper x5 500
8 Demon Spawn x20
Demon Hound x5
Demon Lord x2
9 Gargoyle x12 Gargoyle x18 Demon Imp x10 610
10 Tainted Treant x11 660
11 Tainted Treant x8 Tainted Treant x8 960
12 Tainted Treant x6 Tainted Treant x6 Demon Hound x10 970
13 Swamp Thing x3 Swamp Thing x2 1000
14 Gargoyle x20 Gargoyle x20 Demon Imp x20 980
15 Husk x20
Swamp Thing x2
Noxious Creeper x5
Swamp Thing x2
16 Necromancer x6
Swamp Thing x2
Necromancer x6
Swamp Thing x2
17 Demon Spawn x55
Demon Hound x20
Demon Lord x2
18 Tainted Treant x5
Swamp Thing x2
Necromancer x6
Swamp Thing x2
Demon Hound x16
Demon Lord x2
19 Swamp Thing x6 Swamp Thing x6 2400
20 Tainted Treant x20 Greenmuck
Tainted Treant x20
Demon Spawn x46
Demon Lord x3

Note: From Wave 11, additional Tainted Treants will randomly emerge from the ground anywhere in the level. These obnoxious Treants do not give Gold when defeated.

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies
1 Giant Spiders x45
Tainted Treant x3 Demon Hound x1
Demon Imp x5
2 Tainted Treant x4 Demon Imp x12
Demon Spawn x14
3 Necromancer x6 Tainted Treant x11 960
4 Swamp Thing x2 Tainted Treant x16 1360
5 Swamp Thing x3 Tainted Treant x13 Demon Hound x28 2080
6 Tainted Treant x16
Swamp Thing x1
Tainted Treant x16
Swamp Thing x1
Demon Imp x40 3320

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies
1 Husk x103
Tainted Treant x27
Swamp Thing x2
Husk x103
Tainted Treant x27
Swamp Thing x2
Demon Imp x16
Demon Spawn x66
Demon Hound x48
Demon Lord x3


KR EliteStage This is a stage of extreme difficulty...
Over 50 stars are recommended to face this stage.
New Enemy
Wave 1
EnemySqr Husk

Fallen warriors, their bodies claimed by the forest, they are now only husks of their former selves.

  • Slow speed
  • Medium armor
New Enemy
Wave 6
Noxious Creeper
EnemySqr Noxious Creeper

An aggressive predator, that hatches mutated spiderlings to feed on their prey

  • High magic resistance
  • Spawns spiderlings
  • Costs 3 lives
New Enemy
Wave 10
Tainted Treant
EnemySqr Treant

With steel-hard bark, these corrupted beings were once protectors of the forest.

  • High armor
  • tough
New Enemy
Wave 15
Swamp Thing
EnemySqr Swamp

A mass of vegetable matter that comes from the vilest and most tainted of places.

  • Very tough
  • Ranged attack
  • Regeneration

Related Achievements

Lumberjack LUMBERJACK Defeat Greenmuck and his minions.

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