Rocket Riders, called Rocketeers in the Steam version, are the fastest flying enemies in Kingdom Rush, due to their turbo ability, which they use as soon as they take damage, and gives them a significant speed boost.


The rocket riders follow their dark lord's will wherever they go.

Rocket Riders can potentially be the most annoying and potentially dangerous enemies. Health-wise, they are relatively easy to take down, but beware of their turbo boosts: they can zip past your towers, slipping through at the last second. Plan strategically, and use your reinforcements wisely!


  • It is good to space your towers apart, so damage can be dealt after the turbo boost.
  • Placing inexpensive anti-air towers near the entrance is a good way to make Rocket Riders waste their turbo boost, as they can only use it once every few moments.
  • The Musketeer Garrison is the most effective way of handling Rocket Riders for its price, as it can shoot the one in front for high base damage and keep shooting from where another tower in the same location wouldn't be hitting it.
  • Tesla x104, while expensive, is also effective against Rocket Riders, as the chain lightning hits 3 of them at once.
  • Magic towers work decently well against Rocket Riders, especially with the Level 5 Slow Curse upgrade, which as a side effect doesn't trigger the turbo and disables turbo during slow (for example if a Ranger Hideout arrow hits during Arcane Wizard beam, the turbo isn't activated).
  • Barbarians with hunting nets stop Rocket Riders from using their turbo skill.