Redcaps are tiny, evil gnomes that live in the Faery Forest in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Small, evil gnomes with huge scythes, they live for the thrill of bloody combat.

Similar to Bandits from the original Kingdom Rush, Redcaps are weak and unarmored, but are fast and numerous enough to overwhelm Barracks defense. Each Redcap can instantly kill any single soldier with their luck-based Death Strike, restoring them to full health upon doing so, further reducing the effectiveness of Barracks against them.


Due to their low health count, it is recommended to counter them with area attacks, such as the Arch-Druid Henge, Weirdwood, or the Arcane Archers' Burst Arrow and the Wild Magus' Eldritch Doom skills. The Forest Keepers are also good versus them, thanks to their slowing capability with Eerie Gardener, and the ability to kill Redcaps in one shot with Ancient Oak Spears II or III.

Blocking them is possible, though risky, since it is impossible to know when a soldier would be killed, allowing a Redcap to leak through.