Reapers are the advanced form of Parasytes, spawned when a Parasyte kills a soldier it latched on to.


A terror of unknown origin. Hunters from a faraway tribe voyage to try and hunt one.

Reapers deal very high damage, able to kill most soldiers with at most three swipes. Their magical resistance also makes them surprisingly durable. Worst of all, they almost always spawn in the middle of your kill zone when your soldiers are dead (because they have just hatched from them), allowing them to skim through your defenses, taking little damage.


  • The best way to counter Reapers is to prevent them from spawning in the first place - Alric and Necromancer Towers are particularly effective since Parasytes cannot turn into Reapers when face-hugging Sand Warriors or Skeletons. The Knights Templar are also a good option, especially with their upgraded health, as they won't die easily from being face-hugged or attacked by Reapers. Make sure you provide firepower to support your men, since they cannot damage the Parasytes face-hugging them, and thus will inevitably die without outside help.
  • To kill spawned Reapers, it is advisable to use Crossbow Forts with Barrage upgraded. The immense physical damage they deal will mow down Reapers extremely quickly.
  • The Reapers in the Temple of Saqra aren't as deadly as the ones in the Lost Jungle, since they lose the advantage of spawning without being blocked.

Related achievements

2Colonial COLONIAL MARINE Kill 30 Parasytes or Reapers.



  • Only Reapers spawning from wave bubbles (in the Temple of Saqra) give gold.

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