Razorboars are vicious wild pigs that live in the elven First City in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


These wild swines have awful tempers and enjoy charging, burning anyone in their way.

Razorboars have high health and damage (which increases proportionally with health loss), good physical armour and the ability to charge through soldiers. They essentially force the player to use high-level magic towers or Forest Keepers (upgraded with Ancient Oak Spears), as archers and other barracks can't deal much damage while druids are only moderately effective. Razorboars are brutal to any setup that doesn't bother with enough funding for mages.

The charge attack also seems to deal True Damage.


Razor Boars only charge when friendly ground units are a fixed number of paces ahead of them on the path and the charge needs to cool down after use, so use reinforcements or manuever heroes or barracks units to make it waste damage output. The charge damage is indiscriminate, so it can take out a lot of weak enemies ahead of it.

Related Achievements

OrAchP3 2MrPig CALL ME MR. PIG Make the Razorboars trample and kill 20 enemies.