The Ranger Barracks is the level 3 Melee Tower tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Knights Barracks from the previous games and is upgraded from the Warden Barracks.


"Equipped with Twin Blades, Rangers lead the way! The uncanny of the elven kingdom."

The appearance of the elves when upgraded to Rangers doesn't change that much, they instead of swords are equipped with Twin Blades and attack a bit faster. Like the Wardens they are highly versatile because of their melee and ranged attacks. The description is a reference the Motto of the 75th Ranger Regiment.


  • For the Queen!
  • Onward!
  • By the light of the moon!
  • To the vanguard!


Icon BrrkBlade Bladesinger Hall

Icon BrrkForest Forest Keepers


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