Raiders are heavily armored outlaws armed with throwing weapons that only appear in the Rise of the Bandits mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush. Their physical armor is the highest of any enemy (tied with Dark Slayers and Bloodshells) in the series.


Elite armored mercenaries that fight only for the spoils of battle and the promise of gold.

Raiders' extraordinary physical armour combined with a ranged attack essentially forces the player to use high-level magic towers: they are not very tough by themselves, but are nearly impossible to hurt with archers or soldiers, while artillery is only moderately effective; with 1000 HP and 95% physical armour, similar to the Dark Slayers from the main campaign, Raiders are brutal to any setup that doesn't bother with enough funding for mages.


  • Arcane Wizards or Sorcerer Mages can kill them quickly; use high-level paladins (preferably with Healing Light II or III, and optionally, Shield of Valor) to stall them in a place while they deal with him.
  • Use your barracks with caution when against Raiders, they have a deadly ranged attack and can kill them in mere seconds; thus, do not rely too much on low-level soldiers to block them, either back them up properly with Mages or use paladins.
  • Raiders are heavily armored, making archers and even artilleries nearly useless against them, however, Rangers Hideout's Poison Arrows, with its armor-ignoring damage, can harm them, and Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot can severely wound or kill them.
  • Instant kills can quickly get rid of Raiders, but beware that they tend to come in semi-large crowds, so lay the damage, do not rely purely on instant kills to dispatch them.


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