Quincon is the second boss in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, encountered at the Temple of Saqra. It is a giant gray gorilla that carries the Warlord King of the Ma'qwa tribe on a howdah on its back.


Fury and strength wrapped in hair and muscle, this giant ape is the stuff of legends.

Quincon jumps to the battlefield at the end of wave 15, then proceeds to move towards the eastern exit.

Quincon has a special attack, during which it jumps to the stone pillar in front of the temple's entrance, then throws powder kegs at your men, and finally jumps to the point reflecting its previous position on the opposite path; at this point the Warlord King will use his scepter to heal Quincon by 500-1000 HP. In addition, during the battle, Mandrilos will constantly swing into the battlefield to attack.

When Quincon dies, it falls back-first to the ground, crushing the Warlord King who makes a futile attempt to escape.


Quincon is fairly simple to beat. Because of his ranged barrels and his ability to jump around, barracks are not very effective against him, and nor are necromancers. Use a combination of Crossbow Forts and Archmages to defeat Quincon, and leave the Mandrilos to your artillery - preferably Battle Mechas rather than the DWAARP, the latter of which does not have the necessary damage output to defeat them.



  • In the Heroic Challenge and Iron Challenge modes of Temple of Saqra, three monkeys are seen playing with the Warlord King's crown and scepter.
  • Quincon is possibly named after King Kong, a giant movie monster resembling a colossal gorilla that has appeared in several movies since 1933.
  • It is also possible that Quincon may be based on the iconic Nintendo character Donkey Kong, due to his barrel-based attacks.