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Poukai Raider
EnemySqr PoukaiRider
HP 160/200/250
Damage 40-80
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Medium
Lives Taken 1
Bounty 25
Poukai Riders are savages mounted on Poukai, who appear in the jungle stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Unlike other flying enemies, they are equipped with javelins, allowing them to attack.


Poukai riders soar the jungle skies, hunting any trespassers they might find.

Similar to other flying enemies, Poukai Riders are, health-wise, relatively easy to defeat. However, since their javelins deal huge damage, and they attack very quickly, they can quickly get rid of soldiers, permitting quick passage through your defences for ground enemies.

When a Poukai Rider dies, the corpse of the rider falls to the ground. It might be raised by Necromancer Towers and Blood Tricksters; meanwhile, the bird speeds up and quickly rushes towards the exit.


  • Against them you could use soldiers as preys, making them stop to attack and let your towers deal with them. This strategy require you to use Templars because Assassins cloak when idle, and are less durable. Buy the Toughness and Holy Grail upgrades and support the men with Skeletons and Heroes of exceptional durability like Alric, Dierdre and Grawl; however even the strongest unit won't survive long against a spear barrage from a group of Poukai Riders.
  • To effectively eliminate Poukai Riders, use Crossbow Forts with Barrage, Archmages and Necromancers. The Battle-Mecha T200 with Wasp Missiles can kill the rider and the Poukai at the same time if they deal the killing blow, and Nivus can attack Poukai Riders from a safe distance, thanks to his incredible range.
  • Nivus Disintegrate and Sha'tra's Abduction is also very good, since a Poukai Rider killed by one of the two skills won't releash his Poukai upon death. However, the latter skill is slightly less effective due to the numerous appearance of Poukai Riders, while the first one require Nivus to teleport right into the middle of the Poukai Rider group, which necessitate exact timing of skill recharge and retreat moment to avoid the death of the hero.



  • The word 'Poukai' is very similar to 'Pouakai', the name in Māori legend of the Haast's Eagle, a giant bird of prey that lived in the South Island of New Zealand until their extinction around 1400 AD.

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