Poukai are giant raptors that serve as mounts for Poukai Riders. It is unknown how they can support the weight of a human.


Poukai riders soar the jungle skies, hunting any trespassers they might find.

When a Poukai Rider dies, his mount, now freed of the weight of its owner, speeds up and quickly rushes towards the exit. They don't have a lot of health, but fly extremely fast and cannot be stalled, so make sure you have enough towers to defend against them.



  • Poukai only spawn alone in the Endless level, Temple of Evil. On any other level, the only way to encounter them is to kill the rider.
  • The word 'Poukai' is very similar to 'Pouakai', the name in Māori legend of the Haast's eagle, a giant bird of prey that lived in the South Island of New Zealand until their extinction around 1400 AD.

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