Pillagers are giant bandits wielding magical swords that allow them to bypass armour.


Magic resistant criminal warlords that can dispatch scores of soldiers with their infernal blades.

Unlike most giant enemies, the Pillagers' durability comes from their high magic resistance; other than that they only have a rather mid-high 2800 HP. In addition to that, instead of the physical area attack so common to giant enemies, Pillagers have the ability to ignore armour. While this forces them to work through soldiers and reinforcements one-by-one, they can kill high-level soldiers, especially Paladins much faster than other enemies. Combined with their magic resistance, Pillagers are brutal to any setup without enough funding for raw physical DPS.


  • Because the pillagers have high magical protection, unlike other giant enemies, unupgraded mage towers are not a good way to deal with them, but the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray never loses its usefulness against giants. Sorcerer Mages can also polymorph them, which also works, but you will miss out on a significant amount of gold, and it is risky because the sheep can still escape.
  • The Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot and Ranger's Hideout's Poison Arrows and Wrath of the Forest are the bane of this mook's existence. They can all deal ridiculous amounts of damage to them, and, in the case of Sniper Shot, instantly kill them, or, in the case of Wrath of the Forest, stall them for quite some time.


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