Perythons are the basic flying enemies in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Born of twisted magic, these flying beasts are often seen carrying gnolls into battle.

Being flying enemies, Perythons' goal is to reach the exits as quickly as possible, as they cannot be engaged by soldiers nor be in reach of druids. Though tougher than the Gargoyles and Giant Wasps of the previous games, they aren't particularly hard to kill with archers and mages.

Certain Perythons are seen carrying Gnoll Gnawers, allowing the Gnolls to temporarily bypass soldiers and druids until the Perythons are forced to drop them. In the Hulking Rage mini-campaign, they can also carry stones that deal area damage when dropped on soldiers.


Archer towers are of course recommended with dealing with Perythons, alongside mage towers. Also, barracks (level 2+3) allow soldiers to wield bows, which can help alleviate the stress of killing off Perythons. Since they can also carry Gnoll Gnawers, it is advised to kill them as far away from the end as possible, since there is a good chance that they will get past your back-line defences.

Related Achievements

OrAchP1 9DogF DOGFIGHT ACE Have your Gryphon Riders defeat 25 Perythons.