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EnemySqr Parasyte
HP 120
Damage 10-20
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance Medium
Speed Fast
Lives Taken 1
Bounty 5
Parasytes are mysterious aliens inhabiting the jungle stages in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They appear to have come to the planet by the crashed spaceship in the Lost Jungle.


These creatures lay eggs inside their victims, which later spawn horrible monsters.

Parasytes do not spawn from entrances (except in the Iron Challenge), but from violet egg sacs. They are one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game: their 'attack' renders a soldier useless and will make him explode into a tough Reaper if not removed. This pretty much kills your barracks defences as a facehugged soldier isn't considered dead yet and more will not respawn. Worse still, they will be periodically spawned in groups during later waves, and worst of all, don't give any gold when killed.


  • Kill Parasytes quickly: DWAARPs are particularly effective at getting rid of a lot of them.
  • Do not use too many unupgraded barracks, as they will only serve as fodder for the Parasytes. In the Lost Jungle Iron Challenge, it is recommended to sell at least three of the basic barracks the game has pre-built for you.
  • Sandwarriors don't generate Reapers when they die, so sending them in as fodder is effective.(Parasytes die after killing the fodder)

Related Achievements

2Colonial COLONIAL MARINE Kill 30 Parasytes or Reapers.



  • Parasytes do not give gold if they are spawned from egg sacs.
  • Parasytes can attach to Skeletons, Skeleton Knights, Death Knights and Alric's Sand Warriors, but cannot turn them into Reapers.
  • Parasytes only spawn in Temple of Saqra campaign mode when the glyphs under Indiana Jones are pressed in the wrong order (other than middle-left-right).
  • When a Parasyte is attached in a hero, you can't move him.
  • They are based on the facehugger from the Alien movie series and the Headcrab from the Half-Life series.

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