Orcs are the second enemy encountered in Kingdom Rush.


Tough savages with light armor and medium speed.

Orcs are essentially the players' introduction to physical armor. As such, they are still quite weak, and shouldn't be worried about if the player has at least one or two Mage Towers. Later on, they can be tackled by almost everything, although cannons or mages would still be the most efficient options.


  • One basic mage tower or an Adept Tower work perfectly for these enemies.
  • A group of Archers can work as well, around four unupgraded ones per two Orcs. Reinforcements work to stall them, in case the Archers aren't able to get all of their health.
  • In later levels, once stronger Artillery Towers are unlocked, you can use them to blast the Orcs away with relative ease. The low armor does not offer much protection against the bombs, and the Goblins that follow can be crushed as well. Just make sure you have other towers to deal with the Gargoyles.