Ogre Magi are powerful two-headed Ogres with strong magical abilities.


These spell casting Ogres have the power to absorb damage from nearby enemies.

Ogre Magi are powerful, blue, two-headed magical ogres found in the Hulking Rage mini-campaign. They have the unique ability of absorbing damage from their nearby allies, and have a strong ranged attack along with high magical resistance and quick regeneration. Unlike the average Ettins, the two heads of an Ogre Magi get along quite well together, and are smart enough to not smack themselves with their own club.


The combination of one or more Ogre Magi and a mob is lethal; their damage absorption ability makes a mob surprisingly durable and they can roll through your defences. It's best to (a) destroy the Magi early if possible, and (b) try to keep them separate from mobs by careful management. Lightning and hero spells can usefully be saved to hit the Magi and eliminate them. They are vulnerable to instant kill mechanics. The Hero or reinforcements can be used to hold back the Magi and let mobs get ahead of them, out of reach of their protection.



  • The Ogre Magi's appearance is possibly based on the hero Ogre Magi in Dota 2.