Ogres are easily the most durable and hardest-hitting enemies in the early stages of Kingdom Rush.


Big, ugly and tough humanoids, they'll obliterate everything in their path.

Ogres are stronger counterparts of Goblins and Orcs, with much higher damage output and health. Unlike many other giant enemies you would encounter later in the game, Ogres strike in a quick succession, effectively multiplying their 40-60 attack damage, allow them to clear out Militia  and Footmen within seconds. When accompanied by Shamans, they prove to be a great threat to your defence.


  • Mages work well against these enemies. Ogres are so slow that the reload time is not an issue, while the Mages will gradually wear them down with high damage per attack.
  • Have soldiers hold or otherwise manipulate the auxiliary enemies such as Shamans, since an isolated Ogre will get hammered by archers and mages. You can use Barracks or reinforcements to hold them off if necessary, but be aware of their high attack power.


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