This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush. For the advanced tower in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, see Necromancer Tower.

Necromancers are dark mages that can summon Skeletons and Skeleton Knights. They can also attack soldiers from a distance.


Master of the dark arts, the Necromancer summons undead minions to do their bidding.

Necromancers are relatively rare but very difficult to destroy: not only do they have a solid amount of hit points and a ranged attack that can eliminate soldiers and reinforcements, but they have the ability to spawn a never-ending swarm of meat shields made of skeletons. The Necromancer raises four to six skeletons at a time, along with an occasional Skeleton Knight. The skeletons spawned do not provide any gold, making them even more obnoxious.


  • Artillery damage both the skeletons and the Necromancer at the same time: two for one kill!
    • The Tesla x104 is able to hurt all skeletons in its range at once simultaneously with Overcharge, nullifying their advantage in number. Once the Necromancer is exposed, the sheer damage of the bolts can tear through his HP, results in an easy death.
    • 500mm Big Bertha does not have the ability to harm all skeletons at once like the Tesla, but it can still deal great area damage with all its attacks, capable of shredding huge number of clustered skeletons along with any other enemies that may be passing by.
  • A Rangers Hideout with Poison Arrows becomes less effective around Necromancers since Skeletons and Skeleton Knights are immune to poison.
  • Rain of Fire is a good last resort, especially when there is more than one Necromancer on the field and they have a group of their Skeletons with them.
  • Reinforcements can separate necromancers from their undead. A Necromancer surrounded by skeletons makes it difficult to ensure Reinforcements engage the right targets, so they are best suited as bait. Set them just behind the path of the Necromancer, and they will turn and target them with their magic attacks instead of summoning more skeletons. Reinforcements with the Spear Throw upgrade will help whittle down their HP and provided they are not quickly overwhelmed, you will be able to place additional reinforcements to engage the Necromancers directly, once the spell has recharged.