Nazerus gates stage

Nazeru's Gates.

We have arrived at the legendary Gates of Nazeru, which block passage to the lost lands. Something foul is at play here, and the troops are nervous. Not the roving enemy war bands we've seen, our men can handle those...
Fortunately, the Archmage Guild is here to aid us in opening the Gates, and we'll have them on our side if battle breaks out.

Nazeru's Gates is the sixth level in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Campaign, Heroic Challenge

Iron Challenge

Wave Composition


Wave Enemies (North-West) Enemies (West) Enemies (East) Income
1 Dune Raider x10 Desert Thug x30
2 Dune Raider x10 Sand Hound x12 Desert Thug x26
3 Dune Raider x3
Immortal x4
Sand Hound x30 Desert Thug x30
4 Giant Wasp x10
Giant Wasp Queen x1
Giant Wasp x15
5 Immortal x8 Sand Hound x10
War Hound x10
Sand Hound x10
War Hound x10
6 Immortal x12 War Hound x12 Sand Wraith x2
7 Giant Wasp x30
Giant Wasp Queen x1
Dune Terror x24
8 Dune Raider x16
Desert Archer x10
Dune Terror x22
Giant Scorpion x2
9 Immortal x11
Desert Archer x10
Giant Scorpion x4 Dune Terror x17
Giant Scorpion x3
10 Immortal x5
Desert Archer x5
Executioner x1
Dune Raider x8
Executioner x1
Dune Raider x8
Desert Archer x6
Executioner x1
11 War Hound x25 War Hound x25 War Hound x30
12 Desert Archer x18 Immortal x12 Dune Raider x30
13 Sand Wraith x2 Immortal x20 Sand Wraith x2
14 Immortal x2
Executioner x2
War Hound x30
Desert Archer x15
Sand Wraith x4

After wave 14, Nazeru spawns from the eyes of the gate and attacks. This is not counted as a wave.

Heroic Challenge

Wave Enemies (West-T) Enemies (West-B) Enemies (East) Income
1 12x Dune Terror 31x Desert Thug 8x Dune Raider G.
2 12x Dune Terror 54x Desert Thug 8x Dune Raider
7x Immortal
3 9x Dune Terror
1x Executioner
24x Desert Thug
12x Desert Archer
15x Immortal
1x Executioner
4 25x Dune Terror 12x Giant Scorpion G.
5 45x Dune Terror 40x Desert Archer 8x Immortal
5x Giant Scorpion
6 4x Executioner
10x Dune Terror
40x Dune Raider
32x Desert Archer
8x Immortal
5x Giant Scorpion

Iron Challenge

Wave Enemies (West-T) Enemies (West-B) Enemies (East) Income
1  ??x Fallen
??x Executioner
 ??x Sand Hound
??x Giant Scorpion
??x War Hound
 ??x Desert Thug
??x Desert Archer
??x Dune Raider
??x Immortal
??x Executioner
??x Sand Wraith
 ?? G.


  • New Tower Unlocked!
Archmage tower

Level 4 Mage Tower

Dealing heavy damage, it can
precharge its homing magic bolts
when idle

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr WaspQueen

Giant Wasp Queen

Utterly tough flying insects
that carry several offspring
in their bellies

– Slow speed
– Flying
– Spawns giant wasps

Related Achievements

5 GENIE IN A BOTTLE Defeat Nazeru , the red efreeti.

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