Myconid is the boss in the elite level Fungal Forest.


Very bad temper and strong boxing skills. Prepare to be assimilated.

Myconid is a gigantic mushroom with the lowest health of any boss in the series, even lower than the mini-boss Cerberus. However, he moves rather fast for a boss and can also kill soldiers fairly quickly with his attacks.

Myconid has a special attack that he uses every 5 seconds, with which he spews spores around him, spawning bounty-less Rotshrooms while dealing 10 damages per second to all soldiers around him.

After death, Myconid explodes, dealing 300-500 damage, then from his corpse, 25 Rotshrooms will spawn, which also must be killed to finish the level. This does not happen in the Steam Version.


  • Arcane Wizards and Sorcerer Mages do so much damage that with the right stalling and other micro techniques, Myconid won't make it even half way across the map even on Veteran difficulty. The Elemental of the Sorcerer can hold back the boss for a while, and its area attack combined with the curse of the Sorcerer help to eliminate the final Rotshroom horde, while the Arcane Wizard has superior damage output and can teleport backward any Rotshroom spawned.
  • Rain of Fire is better saved after the Rotshrooms spawn so they can be dealt with immediately. A single, fully upgraded Rain of Fire is capable of killing almost all the Rotshrooms.
  • The 500mm Big Bertha is quite helpful to finish off the last Rotshrooms with its area damage. One Dragonbreath Missile can remove a large portion of a Rotshroom's health, and the Cluster Launcher Extreme catches the whole group without fail. However, due to the tower's very slow fire rate, it is ill-suited to counter Myconid himself.
  • The Tesla x104 is faster and more accurate than the Big Bertha, dealing more damage in one hit, making it better to fight Myconid with, however, the low damage of Overcharge, which is the Tesla's only real area attack, may put you at risk in case it is unable to kill all the Rotshrooms before they dash out of range.
  • Myconid walks pretty fast, compared to other bosses like Vez'nan, J.T., The Juggernaut, etc. It is recommended to use Elementals and heroes like Gerald Lightseeker, Hacksaw, Oni, and Thor to kill Myconid. Don't rely on Ignus as he lacks the armor of a blocker.



  • Myconid's name comes from the Greek root μύκης (mukēs), meaning fungus.