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KRO EnemyBox Munchshroom
HP 160 / 200 / 240
Damage 5-15
Armor Rating None
Magic Resistance None
Speed Fast
Lives Taken 2
Bounty 12
Abilities Spawns Boomshrooms on death

Munchshrooms are a variety of mushroom living in Faery Forest in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Huge mushrooms capable of munching through armor and bone alike!

Munchshrooms are giant mushrooms that will spawn two Boomshrooms each when killed. Fungus Breeders can transform Boomshrooms into Munchshrooms periodically. Contrary to the game bio, they do not deal any explosive damage upon splitting into Boomshrooms.


The Munchshrooms' decent health count and large numbers require the use of advanced Druids.

  • Weirdwood works best, being able to burn through the Munchshrooms and Boomshrooms with heavy damaging nuts, and stun them while halving their health.
  • The Arch-Druid Henge is weaker in crowd control, thus require support from other towers while they use their Sylvan Curse to obliberate large crowds of mushrooms.

Don't rely on Venom Vines as, like Boomshrooms, they take only 40 damage from them as opposed to the usual 80.


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