Mounted Avengers are Twilight Avengers mounted on fast-moving, giant stag beetles.


Mounted on giant beetles, these Avengers advance swiftly and relentlessly.

Mounted Avengers have very good damage, fast speed, the beetle's high magic resistance combined with high HP allowing them to sponge twice as much damage compared to a Twilight Avenger on foot. The sheer damage, numbers and blasting curse of Mounted Avengers force you to invest in archers, as they have the HP to shrug off Druids' stones.

When the beetle dies, the Twilight Avenger dismounts and continues on his path. For some reason, the Twilight Avenger cannot use the blasting curse until the beetle dies.


  • Generally, you should attempt to defeat the beetles before it gets too close to the exit, as doing so will give you enough time to defeat the dismounting Avenger. To achieve this, stall it by stunning it with Clobber from a Weirdwood.
  • As with enemies such as Worg Riders and Fallen Knights, archers in the front and mages in the back is the best way to defeat these enemies.
  • Following on the last point, Arcane Archers can be useful if you like using mages. Just put a couple of Arcane Archers up front to lower their magic resistance so that the powerful mages can destroy the beetle and consequently the Avenger too.
  • Instant kills such as Eldritch Doom and Crimson Sentence can kill both the beetle and the Avenger in one shot.
  • Spells such as Hunter's Mark, Sylvan Curse and other weakening or resistance, lowering spells can help kill these beetles more efficiently.


Related achievements

OrAchP2 11RedWr I MEANT THE RED WIRE Have your soldiers avoid 50 blasting spell explosions.

Ach PestControl PEST CONTROL Kill 100 Mounted Avengers.


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