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The active moon.

The Moon is apparently a satellite of the planet where the games take place. It gives power to the enemies that appear in the Shadowmoon mini-campaign in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


The Moon is tracked at the top of the screen in a half circle, taking approximately 2 minutes to move a full circle. When it reaches the centre of the half circle it stops there for 15 seconds. During this time the screen gets darker, more enemies will emerge from shallow graves (or, in the case of Ghosts, crypts) located around the map, and most enemies get a boost in power:

  • Zombies, Bats and Abominations gain a massive speed boost.
  • Ghouls gain extra damage, from 15-25 to 23-38.
  • Werewolves and Lycans gain a 30 HP/sec regeneration. In addition, any Lycans still in human form when the Moon is full will immediately transform into wolf form.
  • Phantom Warriors get a boost to their death aura's damage.
  • Vampiresa drain more health with their special ability.
  • Ghosts are unaffected.

After 15 seconds, the Moon continues and the cycle starts anew.

In the Iron Challenge of Dusk Chateau, the Moon is perpetually active.


It is wise to pre-build towers to catch additional enemies that may spawn further down the path when the Moon is full, and to deal with the increased power of enemies. The sudden rise in strength could easily startle you and allow foes to run over your defense quickly, especially the Abominations, which has a lot of health and can clear out soldiers unimaginably fast with death explosions, carving a hole for other foes.


Related Achievements

4Moonwalker MOONWALKER Survive 13 full moons without losing a single life.

Zomwalk ZOMBIE WALK Destroy 100 zombies under a full moon.

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