Tower Legionaires

The Mercenary Camp is a Special Tower appearing in Dunes of Despair, the fourth level of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It allows training of Legionnaires and Genies.


There is one Mercenary Camp in the Campaign and Heroic Challenge at the upper right corner of the map, and three Mercenary Camps in the Iron Challenge. It allows generals to train up to a maximum of three mercenaries, either Legionnaires (for 75 gold) or Genies (for 150 gold).

The Legionnaire is a fighter who can be hired for 75 gold with no ranged capabilities and a formidable amount of health and damage, while the Genie is a very powerful spirit with great melee capabilities and the ability to polymorph ground enemies into harps, chests or singing frogs. Proper support can help them tackle almost all ground enemies in the stage.


  • Neither Legionnaires nor Genies have anti-air capabilities, so support them with archers and mages.
  • Immortals and Giant Scorpions can stand toe-to-toe against your mercenaries, and can even kill them if you aren't careful.
  • Stay away from the Sand Worm! Pay attention to the storm of dust under your mercenaries, and quickly move them off it, else you will lose your hard-earned gold on them.

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