Mandrilos are minions summoned by Quincon in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Evolved to kick your behind, the Mandrilos will beat the bananas out of you.

Mandrilos are summoned by Quincon during the battle with him. When Quincon jumps to the stone pillar at the temple's entrance, several Mandrilos will swing in on vines to attack. They have a fair bit of health, and they move rather fast, but if you have dealt with the previous 15 rounds, you should have no difficulty disposing of them.

When killed, a Mandrilos falls face-first to the ground, revealing its… obscure behind.



  • The Mandrilos is possibly based on the mandrill, an Old World monkey living in several countries in Central Africa, which is considered to be the most colorful primate, with a multi-colored area around the anus.
  • The Mandillos seem to resemble smaller versions of Quincon, a grey-haired primate. The origin of this type of creature (and how they can apparently grow to astounding heights) is unknown.
  • The Mandillos may be a reference to The Congo, a movie featuring silver-colored apes bred for their aggressiveness.