"Hocus Pocus"
Magnus Spellbane is a hero unit that corresponds to the Mages upgrade path. He is one of five heroes with ranged attacks. He is unlocked by buying the Premium Content (Flash) , by paying $2.99 (iOS and Android) or by completing Icewind Pass (Steam).



Unleash the arcane forces of Linirea,  let loose a mystical storm, and spellbind your enemies! With his arcane arts and thirst for knowledge.


Magnus Stats


Level HP Melee Damage Ranged Damage Armor Respawn
1 170 1-1 9-27 None 15s
2 190 2-2 11-32 None 15s
3 210 2-4 12-36 None 15s
4 230 3-5 14-41 None 15s
5 250 4-6 15-45 None 15s
6 270 5-7 17-50 None 15s
7 290 6-8 18-54 None 15s
8 310 6-10 20-59 None 15s
9 330 7-11 21-63 None 15s
10 350 8-12 23-68 None 15s


Mirage MagnusMirage

Magnus creates weaker copies of himself. The copies are uncontrollable, and are capable of both melee and ranged combat. Their ranged damage is equal to Magnus' melee damage. (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
Ability Level Hero Level Damage HP Units
1 2 1-1 51 1
2 5 2-2 57 2
3 8 4-4 63 3

Arcane Storm ArcaneStorm

Magnus calls forth a small arcane circle in front of enemy units. Upon summoning the circle arcane meteors will rain down upon the enemy, dealing damage for every meteor that hits the enemy units. (Cooldown: 15 seconds)
Ability Level Hero Level Damage
per meteor
of meteors
1 4 20-20 6
2 7 20-25 12
3 10 20-30 18

Tips and Tricks

  • Magnus is a support hero adept at harassing, so players should always attempt to keep him alive as he is at his prime after level 8, since he has 3 illusions to delay enemies.
  • Instead of running, Magnus could teleport to any far distance the player so desired. However, keep in mind that if you were to get Magnus to move slightly, he would walk very slowly to the position. Rather, teleport him to a far location first before moving him back the desired spot.
  • Magnus is EXTREMELY SQUISHY. Avoid any melee combat from the real hero himself. Do note that players have to be extremely careful of ranged projectiles, as Magnus has the lowest health of all the heroes.
  • Magnus cannot control a lane even with Reinforcements and his mirages. Thus, players are recommended to keep him near their defending units, as they have a higher chance to protect Magnus, and that the defending units could benefit from his abilities.
  • DO NOT send Magnus in the front line against bosses. Rather, run behind the boss and call in your Reinforcements.
  • Avoid putting Magnus head-on against instant-kill bosses like J.T., Vez'nan or Sarelgaz. Make use of your units and your Reinforcements instead.
  • When Magnus uses his Arcane Storm, try placing reinforcements in front of the circle so they can keep enemies in the AOE.
  • In a comparison of damage with Elora Wintersong, the other Mages, his attacks do a little less damage, but, he attacks a little faster, giving him a higher damage per second. This is more effective when facing big and slow foes like bosses.
  • Because he uses Mirage without needing enemies around, Magnus levels up the fastest of all the heroes. Being able to teleport across the level allows him to begin a new battle immediately, increasing his experience gain even further.


  • "Hocus pocus"
  • "Knowlege is power"
  • "Power, unlimited power!"
  • "It's a kind of magic"
  • (upon death) "No!"


  • The name Magnus is a late Latin word meaning Great.
  • Magnus Spellane is the first hero through the saga who's able to copy himself.
  • His name and his appearance are a nod to Magnus Bane, the warlock of the Shadowhunters Chronicles novel series.
  • "Hocus pocus"
    • Famous 'magic words' that usually take second place behind Abra Cadabra.
  • "Knowlege is power"
    • Translated from the Latin proverb 'Scientia potentia est', and commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, it implies that having knowledge and education will make one greater or give them better potential in life than those who have no knowledge.
  • "Power, unlimited power!"
    • Words spoken by the Dark Lord of the Sith in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith when he is revealed to be the Emperor and main antagonist of the trilogy.
  • "It's a kind of magic"
    • A line spoken by Connor MacLeod in the film Highlander. It is more commonly known from the song A Kind of Magic by English rock band Queen. The song was made for the film, based on the spoken line.


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