Magma Elementals, called Lava Elementals on the iPhone and Steam version, are massive, hulking beasts made of rock and lava. They use devastating area attacks and have more health than any other (main campaign) non-boss enemy in Kingdom Rush.


Made of rock and fire, magma elementals are beings of death and destruction.

Magma Elementals are functionally similar to the Yeti; tremendously durable enemies that can stave off many attacks. Soldiers will fall quickly to the ground.

Make sure you have enough firepower to take down these monstrous behemoths.

Magma Elementals, being simply animated rocks, are immune to poison.


  • Magma Elementals are among the most durable enemies in Kingdom Rush. For this reason, the Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot ability and the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray are particularly useful against Magma Elementals; both abilities can kill it in a single hit.
  • Otherwise, just stall them with Barracks or reinforcements, but make sure they have a powerful support. Rain of Fire, although ironic seeing as they are both made of rock and flame, is effective at weakening Magma Elementals, though they still need a beating to be defeated.
  • For some reasons, Magma Elementals are reanimated as Skeleton knight at the graveyard.



  • Although the only difference between Magma Elementals and Yetis is that Magma Elementals have more HP, they actually give less money than Yetis when killed.
  • Despite being made of fire and lava, they oddly appear in the Extra-Campaign level Sarelgaz's Lair despite that level being situated in the cold mountain regions (Steam only).