KRO 14 MactansRetreat
The Twilight Elves are ambushing at every opportunity and the path towards the center of the city has been spattered by dead bodies... ours and theirs.
Taking this pathway of small floortiles levitating over the void was a risky decision, General, but a wise one. The lair of Mactans herself lays ahead.
Our troops are exhausted, but they are committed to end the existence of this abomination tainting our sacred runs!

Mactans' Retreat is the fourteenth level in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Wave Composition


Wave Enemies (Northwest) Enemies (Centre-Teleporter) Enemies (Centre-Southeast) Enemies (Centre-Southwest) Enemies (Centre-Southeast) Enemies (Northeast-Teleporter) Enemies (Northeast-Southeast) Enemies (Other) Income
1 Son of Mactans x4 Twilight Harasser x3 Son of Mactans x8
2 Twilight Harasser x12 Twilight Scourger x3
3 Twilight Evoker x1 Twilight Harasser x11 Spiderbrood x15
Son of Mactans x4
4 Arachnomancer x2 Spiderbrood x12
5 Spiderbrood x7
Arachnomancer x1
Twilight Scourger x2 Twilight Avenger x2 Spiderbrood x3
Arachnomancer x1
Son of Mactans x3
6 Drider x3 Spiderbrood x8
Son of Mactans x10
7 Sword Spider x5
Arachnomancer x1
Twilight Avenger x2
Drider x5
8 Drider x3 Twilight Evoker x1 Twilight Avenger x5 Twilight Evoker x2 Twilight Evoker x1 Spiderbrood x12
9 Son of Mactans x2 Son of Mactans x2 Son of Mactans x2 Son of Mactans x7 Son of Mactans x2 Son of Mactans x24
10 Sword Spider x3
Spiderbrood x8
Son of Mactans x2
Twilight Scourger x10 Twilight Harasserx 6
Twilight Golem x3
11 Sword Spider x20
Drider x5
Twilight Scourger x3
Drider x4
Twilight Evoker x2 Twilight Evoker x2
Twilight Heretic x4
12 Sword Spider x25
Drider x2
Twilight Avenger x2 Sword Spider x10
Drider x1
Razorboar x6
13 Twilight Scourger x12 Twilight Avenger x7 Arachnomancer x3 Twilight Avenger x2
14 Son of Mactans x7 Son of Mactans x7 Twilight Golem x1 Razorboar x6 Son of Mactans x30
15 Arachnomancer x2
Drider x3
Arachnomancer x2
Drider x2
Arachnomancer x2
Drider x3
Drider x3 Twilight Evoker x3 Twilight Heretic x3 Son of Mactans x27

Heroic Challenge

Iron Challenge


  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Son of Mactans

Son of Mactans

Vicious monsters that prey
from above, landing on their
victims without warning.

– High magic resistance
– High damage
– Deadly poison

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Arachnomancer


Deranged twilight elves that
breed and command hordes of

– Summons spiders
– Spawns spiders on death

  • New Enemy!
KRO EnemyBox Drider


Half-spider, half-elf,
abominations that charge into
battle without fear or mercy.

– Fast speed
– Poison attack
– Breeds from soldiers

Related Achievements

OrAchP3 5Trap IT'S A TRAP! Prevent Mactans from webbing at least 8 towers.


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