Complete Kingdom Rush Frontiers Map

Complete Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Map

Linirea is the capital of the kingdom Linirea in Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. The sixth level of Kingdom Rush, the Citadel, takes place within the city when enemy troops invade. In this level, dead soldiers and sheep are lying on the grass. This might have been caused by previous attacks on the capital.

After defending the Capital against the enemy troops, the King will give you the mission of clearing a path through the mountains to attack Vez'nan at the Dark Tower.

Imperial Guards are found in Linirea, and they appear to be the King's Guards. Seven of these guards are in the Citadel.
Map of the Kingdom

Complete Map of the Kingdom.

Related Achievements

Achievement Imperial Saviour Imperial Saviour Complete the Citadel with at least 3 surviving Imperial Guards


Complete Map of the Kingdom (Steam Edition)

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