Legionnaires Unit
Cost 75
HP 250
Damage 20-40
Armor Rating None
Limit 3 (shared with Genies)
Legionnaires are mercenaries that can be hired from the Mercenary Camp in the Dunes of Despair.


Highly trained elite soldiers, they live and die for the glory of battle!

Legionnaires, alongside Genies, can be hired from the Mercenary Camp. They share a limit of three soldiers per camp. Legionnaires are cheap and decent fighters compared to desert enemies, but are usually the worse option than Genies unless if you're short on gold, since their role can usually be fulfilled by soldiers with much less risk, and they lack the Genie's instant kill to justify their cost.


  • Legionnaires can stall and kill most enemies well, especially the Dune Terrors, but lose effectiveness against the heavily armored Giant Scorpions and Immortals. Keep your Legionnaires away from these foes, and support them with high level Mages, or Genies to counter armor.
  • Due to their lack of physical protection, Legionnaires are easy preys to the Desert Archers, while their rally point do not allow them to combat the ranged enemies unless those have come very close. Thus, pay attention to when groups of archers begin to come, and change rally point tactically to protect your Legionnaires.
  • Always pay attention to the Sand Worm and move your men accordingly: 225 gold is not cheap, especially if it's irreversibly lost.


  • Blood and honour!
  • For the Legion!


  • Alain
  • Andreani
  • Armand
  • Chevalier
  • Jaques
  • Jean Claude
  • Lawrence
  • Philippe
  • Pierre Le Noir
  • Rene

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