Knights Barracks
Pedia tower Knights Barracks
Tower Type Melee Tower
Level 3
Build Cost 160g
Upgrade Cost 230g
Damage 6-10
Soldier Health (Base) 150HP
Armor Level (Base) Low (Medium with upgrades)
Respawn Time (Base) 10 seconds
Specials None
Upgraded To Holy Order or Barbarian Mead Hall (Kingdom Rush)
Assassin's Guild or Knights Templar (Kingdom Rush: Frontiers)

The Knights Barracks is a Level 3 Melee Tower, upgraded from the Footmen Barracks. It trains three knights, professional soldiers who will stop anything in their path.


Knights are professional soldiers with heavy armor. Dedicated to his majesty, they will stop your enemies' advance.

Knights are soldiers at the peak of their training. They are stronger versions of footmen, with more health and dealing more than twice the damage to enemies.


Kingdom Rush

Icon BrrkHoly Holy Order

Icon BrrkBarb Barbarian Hall

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Icon BrrkTemp Knights Templar

Icon BrrkAssn Assassin's Guild


  • For honour and glory!
  • For the king!
  • Have at thee!
  • Charge!

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