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Welcome to the Kingdom Rush Wiki
Guide to Kingdom Rush, a tower defence Flash, iOS, Android and Steam game developed and published by Ironhide Game Studios. We now have a total of 319 pages and 13,116 contributions have been made. Online since 7th January, 2012.

Recent News
  • August 12, 2014: A new Kingdom Rush game is announced, with a release date of 'This Fall'
  • July 31, 2014: Endless Mode is simultaneous released for Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
  • July 4, 2014: Curse of Castle Blackburn mini-campaign is released for the Steam version of Kingdom Rush.
  • April 3, 2014: Fungal Forest elite stage is released for the Steam version of Kingdom Rush.
  • February 25, 2014: Burning Torment mini-campaign is released for the Steam version of Kingdom Rush.
  • January 6, 2014: Kingdom Rush is released on Steam.
  • January 4, 2014: Kingdom Rush: Frontiers wins Armor Games' Best Game of 2013.
  • January 2, 2014: Kingdom Rush: Frontiers wins the Best Strategy Game of the Year in Armor Games with 54% of the votes.
  • November 26, 2013: Frontiers has over 1,000,000 plays in 4 days!
  • November 22, 2013: The long awaited flash version of Frontiers hits Armor Games!
  • September 26, 2013: Frontiers is released in the Google Play Store
  • June 6, 2013: Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is released on the iOS App Store!

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