Kingdom Rush: The Comic is an official telling of the story of the first Kingdom Rush game. It doesn't follow the plot of the game completely, instead it introduces several new characters and acts as a back-story to the attempted take over by Vez'nan.


Chapter Image Title Release Date Summary
Comic Chapter 01
King Denas Party 28 Sep 2012 The heroes return to Linirea for King Denas party but something threatens to spoil the royal celebrations.
Comic Chapter 02
The Kitchen Guard 28 Sep 2012 Our young recruits are put to the test when an ambush breaks off and the kitchen becomes an unexpected battlefield!
Comic Chapter 03
Invasion! 30 July 2013 Vez'nan's army begins their crushing invasion as our heroes face the hordes in a deadly battle. The war has started!
Comic ComingSoon
Coming Soon  ??? More episodes coming soon

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