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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, formerly named Kingdom Rush: The Sequel, is the sequel to the immensely popular fantasy tower defence game, first announced on the 23th of August, 2011 and released on the 6th of June 2013. It is purchasable for $2.99 on the iPhone app store
Kingdom Rush Frontiers Rising Tides Update Trailer (official) 01:19

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Rising Tides Update Trailer (official)

and $4.99 for the iPad app store.

A version for Android phones were released on the 26th of September 2013, available for $2,99 on the Google Play Store.


A basic tower defence game, Kingdom Rush consists of placing towers on the side of a path to destroy enemies that appear in predetermined waves. The objective is to defeat all the waves before they reach the end of the path, using the towers and certain abilities. Letting too many enemies through results in a Game Over.

With distinctive towers to use, enemies to defeat, and stages to complete, the gameplay is extremely varied and allows for many interesting ways to play.

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