Jungle Spiders are giant spiders dwelling in the southern jungle, related to the Giant Spiders in the original Kingdom Rush. They move fast and have high resistance to magic.


The jungle variant of this vicious predator is a lot meaner than its forest cousin.

Jungle Spiders are the middle ground between Sand Hounds and War Hounds: fast, numerous, resistant to magic and not quite durable. They can be killed easily with a combination of Barracks and Artillery, but avoid relying too much on Mages - the spiders will mostly shrug them off.


  • A Crossbow Fort with Barrage or a group of Assassins with Dodge II or III can take them out nicely.
  • Artilleries work best against them when soldiers are present to delay them. Although they are generally more expensive than other towers, their appearance on the battlefield makes Jungle Spiders much less of a threat.
    • The DWAARP can take on hordes of these enemies at once, and nullify Jungle Matriarchs, but is very expensive compared to other options, thus very hard to set up.
    • The Battle Mecha can be overrun by a flood of Jungle Spiders, especially when Jungle Matriarchs are present. However, its high damage output allows it to tackle the Savages that may come along.