Jungle Matriarchs are jungle-dwelling cousins of the Spider Matriarch from the original Kingdom Rush. They lay eggs on the path, from which hatch Spiderlings.


This aggressive predator hunts using its offspring to overwhelm its victims.

Jungle Matriarchs are much more powerful than Spider Matriarchs but are slower. Similar to Spider Matriarchs, Jungle Matriarchs can lay eggs that spawn three Spiderlings, which have twice as much health as Spider Matriarch spawns. Spiderlings are extremely weak, but are lightning fast and very numerous, making Barracks and Mages impractical as they lack the speed to efficiently fend off lots of enemies.


  • As like all other low-health enemies, Artillery is a good choice against Jungle Matriarchs.
  • A DWAARP (unless positioned very poorly) effectively shuts down Jungle Matriarchs, because the damage is enough to kill all Spiderlings in one hit and their speed is not enough to get in and out of a DWAARP's area of effect before a shot can land.