Jack'O Lantern is a pumpkin-headed dark horseman who appears only in Desecrated Grove. In the update description, he is also known as the Headless Horseman. He does not have an encyclopedia entry.


Usually (but not always) when the Moon is full, Jack'O Lantern will announce his presence with an evil laugh, then appears at a random point on the path. He will then summon some Zombies and/or Ghouls, then either quickly disappear or continue to summon until killed. These Zombies and Ghouls give Gold only on Steam. He can also remove his head and throw it for ranged attack, dealing area damage (attack rate: 4 seconds). In Heroic mode, Jack has been observed summoning Ghosts.

Because Jack'O Lantern always summons an entourage when he appears, it is often not easy to isolate and kill him before he disappears unless you are using a fast melee-capable hero like Dante or Kutsao. However, he should always be killed if possible because of his enormous bounty (200), and because he might linger up to four or five times during a full Moon, making him a very profitable (if a bit unreliable) source of gold.


Jack appears multiple times on some waves:

  • 2 times on Wave 2
  • 2 times on Wave 6
  • 3 times on Wave 9
  • 5 times on Wave 12
  • 4 times on Wave 14
  • 4 times on Wave 15


  • His appearance appears to be based on the Headless Horseman from United States folklore. It could, also, be a reference to the Dullahan from Celtic mythology. However, his actual head is not seen.
  • The Jack O' Lantern cannot be killed, if its HP reaches 0, it will leave the map prematurely while giving its bounty in the process.