Instant kills are attacks that automatically set an enemy's health to 0, often in a flashy way. Instant kills are impossible to stack, because enemies can't have any health less than 0. However, it is possible for instant kills to target the same enemy, although the effect would be wasted as only one will actually hit.


Kingdom Rush:

  • Arcane Wizards can instantly kill an enemy with their Death Ray, turning them into a pile of black dust with a ZAP! above the previously intact body.
  • The Musketeer Garrison has a chance to instantly kill a target with its Sniper Shot skill. Enemies insta-killed by this have a HEADSHOT! above their head.
  • Hacksaw can instantly kill any enemy he is in melee with by using his Tiiiimber! skill. Smaller enemies explode into gores, while larger ones simply die normally.
  • Oni has a small instant kill chance with his Death Strike attack, but it has no unique animation when in effect, other than an enemy's normal death (Although the damage dealt by an Abomination's death explosion will be nullified).
  • Black Hags' Toad's Curse spell turns a soldier into a frog, essentially removing him from play.
  • Certain Bosses can instantly kill soldiers and Earth Elementals alike, namely J.T., Sarelgaz, The Kingpin, and Moloch. Vez'nan also has a special Soul Drain attack that instantly kills soldiers, though it doesn't work on Elementals and can't be used after he transforms into his demon form, which has a fire breath attack that one-shots everything it hits.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers:

  • The Sneak Attack ability from the Assassin's Guild has a 5% chance to kill any enemy it hits instantly, over which SPLAT! will appear.
  • Genies will transform enemies into harmless objects, permanently removing them from play, every few seconds.
  • The Sand Worm swallows anything it catches whole when it pops its head up.
  • The DWAARP instantly kills any unfortunate victim of its Core Drill ability, over which SPLAT! will appear.
  • Level 10 Mirage has 25% instant kill chance with her Lethal Strike. You know when this is in effect when the comic book word "SPLAT!" is shown.
  • Nivus transforms enemies with up to 480 health or less into confetti.
  • Grawl has a chance to instant kill enemies with his Shard Punch skill, as long as they have a third of his health or less. This is shown with them exploding in a mass of flesh and blue crystalline shards.
  • Any enemies targeted by Sha'tra's Abduction are pulled to his spaceship, killing them instantly.
  • Ashbite has a chance to instantly kill an enemy he attacks with Feast, blowing them up.
  • Executioners will instantly kill any troops that they attack.
  • A Saurian Blazefang has a chance to instantly disintegrate a soldier it shoots with its plasma cannon.
  • Nazeru can disintegrate soldiers and heroes with a snap of his fingers.
  • Xyzzy can swallow soldiers whole with his tongue if forced into melee.
  • Any unit, friendly or enemy, except for Gorillons, Ashbite and Bonehart, caught in the mouth of a Snapvine, is instantly devoured by the hungry plant.

Kingdom Rush: Origins:

  • Reg'son has a 3% instant kill chance with his Eldritch Blade strikes. If he continuously attacks a single enemy without interruption, he can deal a total of 10 attacks for a 26.3% chance. He also can instantly slay any non-boss enemy, including Twilight Golems, with his hero spell, Vindicator.
  • Lilith's Reaper's Harvest ability has up to a 30% chance, with the alternative being True Damage.
  • Vez'nan instantly kills any enemy or a group of enemies totalling 250/500/750 health with Soul Burn.
  • Bravebark instantly kills any enemy with 400/1,000/any health with Branchball, sending them flying out of the map.
  • The Wild Magus instantly detonates an enemy with Eldritch Doom, dealing magical damage to other nearby enemies.
  • Golden Longbows with Crimson Sentence have a chance of slaying any enemy with their regular attacks, in which case their bows and arrows will glow red as they fire and HEADSHOT! will appear over the enemy's head.
  • Redcaps have a chance to instant kill soldiers with their scythes, which glow when they do so.
  • Bloodsydian may instantly kill any enemy it affects.
  • Gnomes with Total Mischief maxed can instantly kill enemies who explode loudly in the process.
  • Twilight Heretics can instantly kill 1 or 2 troops (except heroes and runed bears) with their Soul Consumption spell.
  • Bram the Beheader instantly kills soldiers one-by-one (excluding heroes) by literally smacking them out of the map.
  • The Fat Boy, purchased from the Gnome Shop in both Kingdom Rush and its sequel, instantly kills all enemies on-screen. Likewise, the Wrath of Elynie in Kingdom Rush: Origins has the same effect.

Similar Afflictions

  • The Sorcerer Mage's Polymorph does not set enemies health to zero, but instead to half of their original health and preventing them from attacking, making them almost worthless enemies.
  • Vez'nan is incapable of instantly killing enemies in his Demon Form, but the damage he deals is so high that almost no unit can survive it.