A tough enemy in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Relentless elite warriors with a reputation for invincibility.


  • Use mages as they have armor.
  • Even upgraded soldiers will die easily to them, so use your ranged towers.
  • Rain of fire seems to kill them in one use with the second upgrade.
  • The Fallen spawned afterward is much easier to kill, so don't worry.



  • Immortals might be inspired of by men by the same name from the 300 graphic novel and subsequent film adaption. Here the Immortals are the personal guard of Xerxes and have similar Mengu-style metal masks.
  • The Immortals themselves are taken from our real world history. Soldiers in the Achaemenid Empire were named by Herodotus, for their custom of replacing any sick or wounded soldier almost immediately with a new healthy soldier.

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